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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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cell phone video shows the moments after a santa clara police officers shot a man in the parking lot of a 7-eleven. i'm katie marzullo. the shooting happened around 2:00 this morning. the third officer-involved shooting in the bay area in eight hours. officers in richmond shot and wounded a map last night, and police in vallejo fatally shot an armed suspect. cornell bernard is live in santa clara. >> reporter: the shooting happened in the parking lot of this 7-eleven. the name of the man has not been released. police say the robbery suspect left the store early this
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morning with a loaded gun and cash. when officers showed up and confronted him. >> i seen the cops with their guns drawn, one at the entrance of the parking lot. >> a neighbor heard gunshots coming from the 7-eleven where the police shot and killed the suspected armed robber. >> how many shots did you hear? >> i heard like five, six maybe. >> this cell phone video shows the chaos outside the story after the shooting which gain when two officers drove up. >> the officers witnessed an armed robbery in progress where the suspect fired a shot at the clerk. >> the suspect missed and took out a chunk of the floor. the police were waiting for me man outside and told him to drop his weapon. >> the officers confronted the suspect, and he failed to comply with the officers' orders and scent hill the officers, fearing for their lives and safety of citizens in the parking lot discharged their firearm, fatally wounding the suspect. >> because it was the first time
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hearing gunshots. run outside and it was a person dead. >> i was kind of mad. they're killing people. >> the third police shooting this weekend in the bay area. saturday night, an armed man was shot by richmond police after a routine traffic stop. the man ran away on foot and was injured during a brief shootout with the pursuing officer. police say that man had a criminal history. hours earlier, vallejo police shot and killed an armed agitated many with a gun in the waistbands of his pants. the man refused to drop a knife and officers fired. the gun he was carrying turned out to be a replica. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> a town hall meeting will be held tonight on last week's officer-involved shooting in san francisco. police killed a woman who was driving erratically on a busy city street. officers shot alice brun after she drove the wrong way down pipe street crashed into self
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vehicles and went on the sidewalk. santa clara police are warning residents about a person posing as a sergeant and threatening people with arrest in four cases police received a report of a person who claims to be sergeant gomgi or eric gamby. the person calls victims, telling them there's video of them speeding and a warrant has been issue i'd for their separate they can avoid arrest by paying bail in an amount ranging between $300 and $800. the department says it never makes phone calls on warrants. >> the national park service has closed the trail leading to an overlook at point reyes after yesterday's deadly cliff collapse. the bear valley trail leads to arch rock. officials say cracks at the tip of the overlook prompted them to post signs wednesday warning visitors to not hike the end of the trail because it is unstable. in men low park, police
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arrested one man and are looking for another after this attempted smash and grab robbery at a camera store vehicle backed through the back door of mike's camera. people from a nearby store called 9-1-1 and officers got there within 40 seconds. the store owner says nothing was stolen. police are looking into whether this incident is connected to recent smash and grab type crimes throughout the bay area. >> as california deal with another historically dry year today the world is celebrating water day. the united nations has been celebrating world water day since 1993. it's an opportunity to raise awareness about those who don't have clean water and educate those who do on how to manage it. last week governor brown unveiled a billion dollar emergency plan to help with the state's drug cries. brown says everyone needs to conserve. for tips on how to save water in your house go to if you assault built of rain today, that was pret pretty much
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it. i sun bill we making a comeback. drew tuma has a look at the forecast. >> if you saw the rain, count yourself lucky. it's just light showers that moved through in the early morning hours. rain totals the last 24 hours, .02. mt. diablo, .06, and santa rosa and aheadward, lying sprinkles at .01 of an inch of rain. live doppler 7hd shows a cold front off the coast. ahead of the front, light showers, and these sure showers are diving snout the next 12 hours. so as we look ahead into the forecast we're tracking clouds thickening, light showers overnight, drizzle on the way for the monday morning rush and in the wake of the system, record warmth for thursday and friday. we'll good hour by hour to track the rain showers tomorrow morning and show you the record numbers and the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> texas senator ted cruz is running for president but
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governor brown didn't think he is fit for the office. tomorrow cruz bill officially launch his presidential campaign becoming the first major candidate for 2016. hi stance on global warming has brown fired up. he has said in the past that science does not support global warming. >> what he said is absolutely false. and that man betokens such a level of ignorance and a direct falsification of the existing scientific data. it's shocking and i think that man has rendered himself absolutely unphoto be running for office. >> cruz has not responded to the governor's comments. governor brown says more than 90% of climate change scientist say global warm is affecting us. today starbucks baristas stopped writing roy race together" on the cups but the coffee chain says it's not a response to the criticism received. starbucks planned to phase out the handwritten messages
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intended to create discussion on diversity and rare inequality. the campaign has been criticized at opportunistic, coming in the wake of racially charged events like protests over police killings of black men. coming up at 5:00, farewell to a king. more than 500 years after his death. plus on the brink of civil war, the warning today of chaos increases in yemen and new threats from the country's rebel leader. isis supporters launch an attack on the u.s.
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oo a helicopter crashed into the side of an orlando mansion.
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you can see the chopper's tail. it happened be to an apartment above a garage apart from the main house. the pilot died in the crash. no word yet on what caused it. the u.n. special envoy for yemen has warned the u.n. security council during today's emergency meeting event are pushing the arab country to bring of civil war. shiite rebels drove the president another of the cal capitol of sana'a and took control today. rebel leaders vowed to send fighters to the south where the president has taken refuge. all remaining u.s. military is being pulled out of yemen. a warning for military members here at home. the u.s. defense department is taking action today after a so-called online kill list targeting american service men and women. here's more. >> reporter: names pictures, home addresses, more than 100
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american military personnel exposed online. the message, kill those listed. >> the home-grown violent extremist who can be inspired to attack our military to in the united states and i think unfortunately it would be not so difficult to pull off. >> reporter: the group behind the list calls itself the islamic state hacking division and claims to represent isis. it says the information came from military records, but pentagon officials say the photos and most of the information are already available in public records and on social media. >> i worry that this increasing sophistication by this terrorist organization to manipulate social media to their own ends is a very worrying trend. >> the department of defense says it has contacted all the families listed. mostly air force and navy. warned all military members and families to limit what they post on social media.
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concerns remain about how vulnerable they may be. >> this is the kind of activity they've engaged in over the past several months, specifically asking their followers and their supporters to carry out attacks. >> the fbi is also monitoring this situation but the focus really now is trying to stop any sympathizers from answering that call. abc news. london. >> richard iii is finally getting the ceremony and honor a king deserves 530 years after his death. hundreds of people turned out in england today as the procession carried his remains to a cathedral where a proper burial will take place. the former king was killed in a battle in 1485 and quickly buried without a coffin in a monastery that was demolished. the remains were found in 2012 nature parking garage. coming up at 5:00, the matchup today at a local baseball game that some kids will not forget. plus...
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>> i got out walked over. he immediately grabbed my hand. >> an officer's assist to help a woman in need. the special story behind these images. >> a live look from the emeryville camera showing you included clouds are thickening. we'll time them out in the
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the first sunday of spring means opening day for the pleasanton little league challengers. the team is made up of local guys and girls ages 4 to 189 with physical and mental challenges. they were buddhed with a high school baseball team. they helped the little leaguers with batting base running fielding, and encouraging the challengers during the game. now to an inspiring story in
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louisville kentucky, getting shared around the world. bat woman who ran her first 10k race and came in last. that's asia ford crossing the finish line the rhodes city run and almost didn't make it. at mile five she had trouble breathing but didn't want to quit. a lieutenant saw her troubles and grabbed her hand and walked her to finish line. he determination to finish and the officer's kindness has touched thousand friday the community. >> that is what being a police officer is about. service to others. helping. >> for him i knew that was my angel at the time because at mile five is where i was going to give up. >> ford has struggled with her weight for years and has lost more than 200-pounds and is doing it for her children. louisville's mayor posted the photo with a caption, what a compassionate city looks like. brings a smile to my face. oakland had a big run today. the weather certainly cooperated. drew has more on the forecast.
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>> a very similar setup on the way over the next 24 hours, some light pockets of rain developing and everybody is going to see it's more scattered in nature. live doppler 7hd will show you how some peeks of sunshine this afternoon. clouds are filling back in. and we're waiting for more light showers. out there right now very springlike temperaturewise. limit sunshine. clouds dominating the sky. 60 currently in san francisco 64 oakland. 65 hayward, 66, livermore, san jose, 67. satellite and radar will show you had peeks of sunshine here and there in the afternoon. now ahead of the cold front the clouds are filling back in. the cold front is right on our doorstep why we're not getting soaking rain this right here. high pressure has dry air and is eating away the moisture so most of the rain staying well north of the region. so time out the rain for you. tonight, around 11:00 notice light showers popping up and
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even into your monday morning rush. 6:00 future weather, still bring something pockets of locally light showers across the region. but that's about it. that cold front moves through in the morning hours, in the wake we clear our skies by monday afternoon so once again, rainfall very light in nature. you can see across the region amounts less than a tenth of an inch as the front moves through in terms of snowfall, this is a pretty warm storm so not a lot of snow to talk about. above 7,000 feet maybe one to two inches in spots once the system is out of here by monday evening. in the wake of that front, we'll warm up once again and big-time. thursday afternoon, nearing 80 in a lot of spots. friday afternoon, record warmth likely. we'll see widespread 80 around the bay mid-to-upper 70s. inland locations could be nearing 90 degrees as you round out the work and school week. so overnight tonight cloudy skies, pockets of drizzle
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temperatures in the low and mid-50s overnight. then for your monday we'll have the drizzle early on during the morning rush then skies generally dry and clear out by the afternoon. temperatures very similar like they were today. 63 the high. 67 in oakland. the same in concord and 67 the high in san jose. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow we track the spotty morning drizzle. that system is out of here on tuesday. bring back the sunshine and start to warm up. by wednesday, lots of sunshine. 80s start to pop up and even as we get into thursday, those warm winds kick in, and by friday, we're nearing 90 in some inland locations, mid-70s along the coast. we start off the weekend sunny and mile, and sunday, bright and temperatures still above average. >> we'll take it. thank you drew. we have colin frush for shu tonight and more upsets in march madness. >> upsetting more brackets. >> karma. >> shouldn't have ripped up your
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bracket yesterday. >> karma coming back. >> the first one seed exited the tournament today. villanova. today a pair of two seeds went home.
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from one spartan to another. warrors forward draymond green talked to travis trice this more than and it read, don't let this be your last game. trice took it to heart ande took down two seed west virginia. they jump on the cavaliers early. justin anderson, denied by
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brendan dawson, trice out and throwing it down. nothing came easy for the wahoos. 30% shooting from the field, 2-17 from long range. trice and dawson, they were a two-man wrecking crew for state. dawson, fouled on the dunk attempt and it goes down. ten point second half lead nor spartans. too much for virginia to overcome. trice, the dagger three with less than three to play. he had 23. michigan state into another sweet 16 with the win. san diego state coach steve fisher and players dealing with a sick stomach and it showed against duke. justice wisp low and the blue devils jump out to an 8 or lead turning defense into offense. feed the trailer. that would be okafor. when he was double teamed he found the open man. winslow cutting, packing. they both freshman and combined for 39 points, duke wins big
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68-49. they'll meet utah. bat for kansas in the midwest. goes to wichita state, 78-65. kansas joins virginia as the second two seed to fall. in east, oklahoma, lead dayton 65-60 with 40 seconds left. the new home of the san jose earthquake is open for business. the $100 million stadium seeing the first regular season action this afternoon. quakes hosting the chicago fire. it's a thing of beauty. the largest outdoor bar in north america, thing of beauty. all the amenities players would fan. would like. it's the first career mls goal. at intermission quakes lead 2-1. final round of the or -- arnold
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palmer. zach johnson with the second. pure five iron from 206 yards, 2 on the par-5 16th. johnson finished minus 12. not every defending champ. 18-foot putt on 18. shoots a 66. straight in. to take a one-shot lead in the club hess, henrik stensen on 18 to force a playoff. every with the win. >> cactus league action. giants against the angels. matt duffy 150 pounds but has pop. solo shot ties it at one. madison bumgarner, longest outing about agiant starter this spring. the giants fall 3-2 and 4-2. a's and reds wheeling and dealing, five and a third shutout innings. a's get a run in the fourth.
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mark tania scores from second. the reds get the win 4-3. cal women are in action tonight. round of 32 action against texas. highlights for you at
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you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. coming up at 6:00. a a long-time san francisco restaurant defies orders to shut down. now the port of san francisco says the owners are trespassing.
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a new frontier today for self-driving cars. the historic cross-country journey from san francisco to new york. join us at 6:00. tomorrow is national puppy day and abc7 news is having a big adoption event. send us a snapshot of your favorite pup. and then join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. we'll be live streaming our puppy cam all morning on and tell you how you can maybe take one home. a new world record has been set for the most stairs climbed one at a time on a bicycle. the polish cyclist climbed 3,139 steps by bicycle in tie one's 101 tower, jumping up each step one by one. he completed the difficult task inmore than two hours and wanted to beat his own record, which he set in melbourne last year when he climbed just 2900. stairs. congratulations. have to beat himself again next
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year. thank you for watching. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." hit list. the call to isis supporters, urging attacks on american troops. giving their names, pictures, and addresses here at home. tonight, the military warning going out. armed and dangerous. the stunning arsenal the attacker took with him to new orleans. should tsa agents be armed? speaking out. the racially charged issue on campus. and did officers go too far? they say the student was drunk and belligerent. tonight, the owner of the bar says that's not what he saw. and, road trip. the car setting out for a cross-country ride, driving itself. when will one be in your garage? ready or not, we're taking you on a ride into the future.


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